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I live in Port St Lucie but don't let our distance become an issue.

2 daughters ages 28 and 30

Occupation: Jewelry and Diamond buyer as well as coins and antiques

Thanks for reading my bio.

"I believe in love but love is not enough "

I have been single for the past 5 years but I have not been dating that long. I know what I am looking for and if I don't find her, I will stay alone.
It does not seem too difficult, but it has been. Kindness, compassionate, devotion, introspective and communication are the most important traits. I believe we can be true partners and give each other the emotional security we both desire.

I bought my house one year ago and in my mind, if i had a great house, I would meet a woman who would turn this house into a home. So far, i have not met her but I am sure she is out there. Maybe it’s you???


A little background:

I was married for 20 years and we remained best friends until her death 16 months ago. I was her caregiver and spent 21 times in the emergency room and was by her side for exactly one year. Taking care of someone who is terminal is difficult, yet it is also an honor to do so. I know my family appreciated my efforts, but I got a lot from it. Before her passing, she asked me to take care of our daughters which I would do without her asking, but also to take care of her elderly parents. Her Mom passed a few months ago and her Dad was failing. I could not watch him die so I took him to my house. He will be 88 years young in November, and he has gained weight and doing great.

My last relationship was 8 years and it ended in 2015.

Over the past 5 years I have worked on me. I am a believer in therapy and have truly figured myself out.

I am ready to give you my heart if you are ready to give yours. I will be devoted, honest and will be your best friend.

Let’s create a happy life and make the happiest of memories together.