Perfiles - Stephen [64]

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Most would describe me as warm, cerebral ( still trying to fathom the big bang theory and where did matter come from ), down to earth, affectionate , adventurous, attentive , young at heart with a healthy dose of " joie de vivre " . somewhat of a free spirit with an endless curiosity of the world and one who most definitely follows " the road less traveled". Love to explore local "haunts" off the beaten path and architecture. In my youth lived in Vail during my ski bum days, on a kibbutz in the Golan, backpacked the Canadian Rockies, attempted a bike ride x country and camped in all the national parks. very inquisitive about the world around me. Enjoy museums, hole-in-the-wall dive joints with good music, pod casts, TCM, NPR ,reading historical nonfiction and the sublime. Bit of a news junkie .

Moved to FL from NY last year but come back up often .
When in town love road trips and exploring the city and day tripping up to the Hudson Valley .
Love the balance between the mountains and any body of water ... grew up by the beach so i will forever yearn for the calming nature of water and sand between my toes !

Am a foodie and love to cook for those I care for ( no vegans please) .A rib eye medium rare paired with a martini or a cab is something to be savored!  
Avid skier with a wanderlust for travel to the exotic and a penchant for cultural diversity. Patagonia ,a month in  Paris , The Orient Express, fly fishing in Montana, heli skiing in Banff , spending another summer in the south of France are some items in my bucket list !

Lived in Villefranche Surmer ( South France) a few summers ago and took an immersion class.
Ce serait bien de rencontrer qq un qui parle aussi francais!

One day would love to buy an RV and travel to all the national parks. Keep myself in good shape and am health conscious.... well most of time ...Swim laps most days and either spin or bike 100 plus miles per week. Just starting to learn kite surfing.

Searching for someone with that elusive "chemistry". Would love to meet a kindred spirit with a grounded soul who is passionate, adventurous , outside of the box kinda thinker and down to earth . Someone with traditional values but can let her hair down! lol