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I got a master’s degree. I am a Clinical Specialist.

Family, friends, and colleagues have told me I am outgoing, positive, with a great sense of humor, confident, spiritual, honest, faithful, emotionally grounded and physically fit. I love to make people laugh to take what might be a "normal" moment and make it a laughable one. Being positive, optimistic, and enjoying every moment of life is my objective. For me, as my wish is for others, it's all about the humor and the joy and affirming people for who they are as the Golden Rule sums up. To laugh is to live, to live is to love, and there is nothing better than to love and be loved. I am most passionate about My Faith, my three daughters and giving them only the best of upbringings, the love of my significant other, family and friends. Spending all and as much time as I can with my partner, family and friends. The outdoors is my second home and daily exercise, being active and fit is key for my mind, body and spirit. I also have a strong commitment to helping those in need. I adore traveling, been blest to see much of the world but hope to see even more. Love adventure in whatever form. I must have music, the rhythm of my soul. I adore a deep and stimulating intellectual conversation. If I invest to send a note out of admiration please at least respond. If not don't even view me. My ideal match is a partner who carries herself with goodness, honesty, humor, and compassion.

A Lady who carries Herself with dignity, honesty, kindness, compassion, empathy, integrity, and truth. Who is genuine, smart and witty. Who loves to laugh and laughs to love. Who treats everyone the way she would like to be treated. Who lives her Life by the Golden Rule. Who adores her Family and Friends and Her Faith and Country. Lives a healthy lifestyle. Emotionally mature and intelligent. Who never takes herself for granted and can laugh at herself. Who is always willing to say she is sorry if something goes south. Who is totally devoted to Her companion, best friend and lover as he is to Her. Where she/they live a fully dynamic relationship where they grow together, and the glass is half full and rising. Never taking one another for granted. A woman who Loves to have Fun in all it's aspects and lives life to its fullest potential!